Making Sense of LeBron’s Move to the Lakers

LeBron decided to go West for a number of reasons. Above of all, he wanted to live with his family in the shiny state of California, which in truth is a far better place than Ohio and there is little in common between Los Angeles and Cleveland. He did promise to bring a championship to his hometown (although he is from Akron), and once he accomplished that mission, it set him free to do whatever he wanted as far as his NBA career is concerned. He knew that the Cleveland fans would no longer hate him and that they would be eternally grateful to him even though he wouldn’t finish his playing days there.

James is far up ahead in this NBA game that he pick his spots with ease just as he does on the court. He had this planned all along and had the free agency set up, so he can go elsewhere. Truth is, he could no longer compete with the Warriors while with the Cavs anyway. They don’t have the necessary firepower or cap space to challenge them, so why waste his final seasons there?

So it was time for the King to go on another journey and the Lakers were the ideal fit. The guy is a historian of the game and one of its biggest fans, as he often boasts. He used to watch the great Lakers team of the past and admits that this is an organization that has always captured his admiration. The chance of playing for such an iconic franchise is something that he had never done before. No offense to Heat or Cavs fans, but the Lakers are a different ball club. I’m pretty sure James dreamed of wearing the Lakers jersey as a kid since he was an avid fan of Magic Johnson and we can see that he sort of molded his game after him with the ability to not only score, but rebound the ball and create for his team mates.

A great city, a historic franchise, more business opportunities (Hollywood, Space Jam 2), new challenge, max contract. Well, what other reasons does a man want?! It’s only right that he switched, and it’s going to bring a whole lot of excitement for Laker fans who’ve had little to brag about in recent years. Question is, how far can these Lakers go in the stacked Western conference?

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